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Care & Support For Your Website

Let us care for your website with our Website Care, Maintenance & Support plan.

We provide regular updates, security, backups, maintenance and support for your WordPress website to keep everything running in tip top shape.

So what’s included in our care plans?

Monthly Updates

Keeping your website up to date is a crucial task, something that can easily be overlooked. We ensure your website is kept up to date with monthly checks.

Daily Backups

The world of the internet is a very unpredictable place so having backups of your website is of the uttermost importance! Your website is backed up daily to the cloud, where it can easily be accessed to restore your website or move it in the case of an emergency.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website may for one reason or another go offline. We monitor your website 24/7 through server watching services that notify us if your website goes down. In the event your website we can quickly assess the situation and attempt to resolve the matter.

Monthly Reports

Each month we provide you with a report indicating the progress of your website, it’s search engine ranking and backup status.

Ongoing Support

Forgot how to do something on your website or believe your website isn’t working correctly? With ongoing support, we will continue to advise you on using your website and correct any small bugs that arise.

Bug Free Updates

When updating the website software bugs can also appear. By having us manage your website we can quickly identify and address these issues for you.

* Ongoing Support and Site Maintenance is limited please get in touch to discuss the conditions.

What if I already have a website?

Our standard WordPress care and support plans are designed around having a Nefarious Creations created website. This is because we know what is going on under the hood, we have control over the server conditions and we manage our sites in a parallel. So, when it comes to an externally create and / or hosted website there are many more variables at play. 

Don’t worry, there are a couple of options…

  1. We can put together a custom Website Care plan exclusively for you. This will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. It will cost a little more than our standards. Simply get in touch and let us know what you’re after.
  2. Let us do a rebuild on your website, that way we can bring your site up to speed with all the great functionality and resources our website feature.

Need us to look after your content too?

In addition to the website maintenance and support, we can also help you manage your content and digital marketing efforts. Be sure to get in touch to discuss your requirement and get an idea of the costs.