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Digital Marketing Partners

That’s where we come in! We collaborate directly with you, to help support and guide your business’s brand and marketing activities.

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our client’s business. Readily available to complete tasks as required, actively looking for new and alternative marketing activities to undertake and critically reflecting on the business and how it’s perceived, to make recommendations and push the business’s brand forward.

First things first, together we will review your business, brand and current marketing activities.

This will make sure we’re on the same page and have a good understanding of where you seeing the business heading.

Then we will discuss and agree on a monthly budget.

The budget determines the number of hours and spend we work towards each month, and effectively how fast the brand grows.

We will plan the initial projects that we want to accomplish.

This could be anything from a complete brand and business image redesign to rebuilding the website or straight to marketing activities like content creations strategies or social media advertising.

We will plan the initial projects that we want to accomplish.

This could be anything from a complete brand and business image redesign to rebuilding the website or straight to marketing activities like content creations strategies or social media advertising.

Is digital marketing right for you?

A well-written and structured website can only go so far on its own. While this may be enough for some, those who are looking to significantly increase their website traffic with most importantly, relevant visitors, implementing a digital marketing strategy is crucial.

A digital marketing strategy may be a simple as setting up some paid keyword search advertising and narrowing in on the relevant audience or as complex as an organic search keyword focused content strategy. Depending on your requirements and budget I can assist in planning and execute the appropriate strategy for you.

Your goals and expectations for your website will shape your digital marketing strategy. Primarily for most businesses and individuals when starting out, they simply want to attract more visitors from their target audience. Once a website becomes more established with a steady flow of traffic a business or individual will want to undertake more complex marketing strategies to increase their exposure and influence a greater rate of conversion.

How I manage my client’s digital marketing activities

Implementing and maintaining a digital marketing strategy is crucial to the long-term growth of any businesses online presence. I encourage clients to set an agreed monthly budget to actively maintain and make recommendations to strengthen and grow their digital presence. Below is a list of just some of the many different digital marketing activities I may undertake, all depending on your goals, progress and budget.

Monthly Reports

A simple but insightful analytic report will be created monthly to give updates on website traffic analytics, marketing activities, any ad campaign costs and results, content recommendations, new marketing activities we can try out etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Research

Research into effective keywords and topics for targeting in future articles and focusing site content for optimal results in search engines. This will involve looking for keywords to use throughout content that has a high usage by searches and low competition within search engines. The aim of targeting specific keywords is to focus on content that should effectively result in overall higher search rankings for terms relevant to the target audience. We can utilise these keywords by making changes to existing content and using them as a guide for future content.

External backlinking

Find external websites and directories to publish backlinks (links directing users to your website). External links pointing to your website increase its credibility to search engines. It’s important to way up the value of paid listings and directories and the value that will provide.

Page Optimisations

Websites display a lot of additional information to search engines that may not be visible directly to visitors or areas of content that is often neglected by can greatly benefit website rankings. This includes items such as search engine results display meta (such as the page title and description provided on a google search result), ensuring prominent use of targeted keyword, ensuring there are no search errors in googles search console, all images have beneficial meta such as captions and code is cleaned up and refined as alternative methods and new best practices are identified. The required amount of page optimisation will depend mostly on the quantity of existing content and content being produced.

Content Marketing

Content Topic Research

By incorporating our keyword research, we can recommend article and page topics to produce content around. Content is the single biggest influencer of a website rank amongst search engines. It also has other benefits such as conveying knowledge of the industry practices and influencing users to return to and share such content. Quantity is quite important when it comes website content, however misguided and unrelated content will have little impact on a website rank. This is why it’s important to identify topics that will support the identified keywords we want to target in search rankings.

Content Publishing

Publishing articles and updating content on the website. This may also include producing images and formatting content layout.

content outreach

Find and reach out to blogs and other high traffic websites and arrange to provide high-quality content for publishing. Publishing high-quality content on relevant high traffic websites with backlinks is a great way to attract new targeted visitors and also increases the credibility of your website to search engines.

Competitive Analysis

Analysing and reporting of competitor marketing activities and potentially identify new marketing strategies. This helps to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure you aren’t unknowingly being left behind by new competitor marketing activities.

Paid search marketing

Google Adwords

Perhaps the single most effective way to directly reach your desired audience is through Google AdWords. Google AdWords by default can be quite a slippery slope, as broad and excessive keywords can dramatically increase the cost of campaigns without any significate results. The ongoing review and optimisation of AdWords campaigns are crucial in narrowing down the terms, ads and settings for reaching the desired visitors who will likely interact with your website and complete the desired goal.

Google Display Ads

Display ads are image-based ads that are seen around the internet. These ads can be a great way to increase brand awareness for your business or product, especially in highly targeted areas and audiences as they are exposed to huge numbers of people on a small campaign spend. These ads don’t as often deliver the desired visitors to the website.


Once your website has a high enough number of recorded visitors re-marketing becomes an option. Re-marketing allows us to target specific users with Google Display Ads. This is very effective as we know the users have already been exposed to your website and likely have an interest in your product or service. Constantly reminding previous visitors of your business, brand, product or service with persistent ads can be a great way to ensure they don’t forget or neglect your business.

Social media marketing

Social media is most effective when maintaining an active state, inactivity can have a negative impact when trying to convey trust and reliability to customers. Managing social media can be quite time-consuming and utilising social media is only recommended when adequate resources are available.

Social Media Publishing

After new content is published on the website it is effective to share that content across active social media channels. These articles can also be boosted (paid) to reach more people on some social media platforms.

Paid Social media ad Campaigns

Planning and preparing a social media ad campaign can be effective in reaching highly targeted audiences. An effective social media campaign requires a short but captivating message and imagery and needs to be highly targeted to take full advantage of the available budget.

Google Business Locations

The holy grail of traffic generation for location-based businesses, Google business locations can deliver great results for businesses who rely on locations. Maintaining accurate details and enhancing the listing with the addition of images that reflect recent activities of the business will give your business the best results.